Walter Piscopiello is an accomplished wine bar owner and Barista who has spent 30 years of his life in the food and wine industry. His knowledge of wines and distils is extremely vast, encompassing a global understanding of this incredible market. His journey of which began in 1993 by helping a friend who owned a restaurant and needed someone that would assist with the wine cellar management and selection.

His love of the job spurred him to take various courses, allowing him to gain certifications which offered the opportunity to further his understanding of the world he was now invested in. By 1995 he was professionally training staff and opening venues in his native city of Brescia.

His endeavours further spurred his passion for wines and distils as well as the gastronomic dimension that these two elements belong to, understanding the vast commercial horizon that they could open for him. This understanding led the way for Walter to open his own restaurant in 2001 in the historical centre of Brescia, the Roman town that was known in ancient times as Brixia.

The concept of his venue is based on two founding principles- diversity and quality. An extensive wine and distil menu allows for his patrons to truly enjoy a vast range of different experiences of the many diverse wines and spirits of the world. The extensive wine list and distil varieties are then paired with local produce which Walter has hand selected over the 30 years he has worked on this gastronomic vision.

In 2016 Walter was approached by a national publication specialising in both gastronomy and the world of wines to which he has been published contributor ever since, giving space to his column “The World In A Glass”. Walter is further employed by wineries on a national level to judge and score their wines as well as create wine lists and selections of the same for wine bars and restaurants throughout the city and beyond.

His extensive experience and knowledge have attracted the attention of many famous wineries and brands in the country who seek his advice to evaluate and help place their products on the global market. Walter’s passion and dedication to the food and wine industry is par to none, his is driven by a love of Italian artisan products of the highest quality and his endeavour to bring these delights to the global market continues to this day.

| 19 Apr 2022