Founder and Head Chef – Peter Capraro

Peter has over thirty years of experience within the restaurant industry but it is his love of Italian cooking which originally started with his Nonna Assunta (Italian grandmother) that has helped to create this unique experience.  It is typically the Italian grandmother who has helped to preserve the traditional recipes that are passed down through the many generations.    Peter will guide his visitors through the knowledge that he has gained both professionally as a chef in London and from his Italian Nonna, to provide a deeper insight into Mediterranean cookery.

A message from our Founder and Head Chef:  Peter Capraro

Dear Visitor,

I wish for you to be part of a moment that you will carry with you in fond memory for many years to come, my work is my passion and this is an integral part of what I will pass on to you when you spend your time here with me. Enjoy your experience and be part of this unique venue that was born as a result of many years of hard work and a true love for life.

Enjoy A Sensory Experience!

Please enjoy strolling through our garden, picking fresh herbs for the recipes we prepare, or taking a glass of wine with you for company and relaxing in the seating under the lemon trees or just simply sitting outside on the terrace while nibbling away at one of the sumptuous dishes you have created with your own hands.  Mine is a true sensory journey, of both food and wine, and I wish for you to have the very best experience that the Amalfi Coast has to offer.  Positano Home Cooking Classes provide the highest quality of what Italy has to offer in terms of a hands-on culinary experience.  In fact, we prefer to remain an off the beaten track discovery that you will come across whilst walking down the many steps and alleyways of Positano as you explore this little corner of Paradise.

I look forward to welcoming you in my home and to cook together what will be the meal of a lifetime, and to share a glass of some of the most outstanding wines that Italy has to offer.

You are all welcome at my table.


Founder and Head Chef – Peter Capraro